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About Qianshun

Qianshun is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and marketing of new energy industry. Based on the R&D of new technology, Qianshun is committed to solving the environmental needs of green energy application. It spends a lot of money to attract the world's technological elites and cooperates with key research institutions and universities. After years of efforts, the company doped lithium-electric materials with graphene material system. In this system, we innovate and improve the production process of batteries. We have made great breakthroughs in the use and safety of lithium batteries in special environments such as low temperature and high temperature, and developed and produced graphene lithium-carbon batteries as the core: emergency start-up power supply for automobiles, uninterrupted UPS energy storage power supply for households and so on. Outdoor portable energy storage power supply, mobile power supply and other green new energy products; the company applied for a number of patents (including many invention patents, dozens of utility model patents), many have been approved. Fully combined with the development advantages of new energy industry, the products will be exported to the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Russia and other countries and regions.

About Us

Dongguan qianshun electronic technology co., LTD have a team of excellent engineers and technique skilled worker more have 10 years in new emergency energy production experience focus on produced high efficiency car jump starter and power station to customers.

All components from the material to the finished product to the process, have to undergo rigorous testing and strict quality control to ensure superior quality  system.We have our owner brand "HaiYi",HaiYi products are widely used in outdoor rescue, outdoor emergency, fire protection, medical emergency, outdoor activities, indoor power emergency, etc. HaiYi intelligent manufacturing guarantees the standards and security of emergency energy.

Enterprise concept

Committed to improving the balance of human supply of new energy, improving the earth's environment, creating a green home, modesty is to promote green new energy advocates!


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    R&D Team

     50 engineers in R&D team focus on ID, software, hardware,and battery design come from famouse 
    universities: Peking University, Standford University, University of California, HongKong University of Science and Technology, China University of Science and Technology. 
    It is they who wirte the Chinese lithum jump starter testing standard.

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