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Model E4
Battery Capacity 12V  52.8Ah   586Wh
Output Power Rated 750W(1000W  Max )
Input Voltage AC 110V~220V  50/60Hz,      Solar wind power input 18-36V, vehicle 12V, no controller.                           
Output Voltage 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
DC Output 24V/5A(Four)  USB5V/2A(Two)  1A(Two)
LED Light 1W Maximum achievable to 3W
Solar Charge 18V 40W
Car charging Output 12V,don't use 24V
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Blackout reaction time 5ms
Overload After overloading, AC output is disconnected, indicator lights are red, load is disconnected, restart it
Short circuit After short circuit, AC output is disconnected, load is disconnected, restart and restart.
Lithium battery 800times
Weight NT WT:6.1Kg   After packing:7Kg
Size 32*14*16.7 cm
Color Silvery white

Product advantages:

1. Power lithium battery is used in the core, and advanced manufacturing and assembly technology is adopted to ensure product quality stability.

2. The use of built-in charger greatly improves the portability and practicability of the product.

3. It has on-line switching function.

4. It has 12V automobile ignition start function.

5. The shell is made of aluminium alloy, and its appearance is fashionable and generous.

Product description

E4 Standby power supply is a high-end fashionable power supply product of our company. It is made of aluminium alloy shell material. It is light, portable,fashionable and generous in appearance. The core adopts power lithium battery and advanced manufacturing technology.The output energy of the power supply is abundant, providing two different voltage modes of AC output and DC output.To meet the user's electronic products charging, AC power consumption, as well as field car start-up and other aspects of electricity demand. This product can be used not only as EPS power supply, but also as outdoor emergency standby power supply.

This product has built-in power lithium batteries.The total capacity of 12V52.8AH/586Wh provides a continuous supply of electricity, as well as emergency power supply for indoor and outdoor backup, but also has a wide range of uses. 220V/12V/5V AC/DC output, suitable for various devices, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, small printers,all kinds of lamps, small fish tank heaters, photographic equipment, electric balanced wheelbarrow charging, medical equipment, etc., greatly convenient for users to travel at home, outdoor work, camping picnic, mountain climbing exploration, etc.

Matters needing attention

1. This product contains lithium batteries. Keep away from the source of fire. If not in use, please make special treatment.Don't throw it away at will.

2. Do not use this product in wet environment or water, pay attention to moisture-proof.Use it in a ventilated and dry environment as far as possible. Please handle it lightly. Do not fall, knock or dismantle it violently.

3.When using the product, please take it lightly and do not fall, knock or break it down by force.

4. Discovering abnormal phenomena such as smoke or fire when the machine is in use,Please stop using it immediately and take relevant fire extinguishing measures to avoid explosion.

5. When using this product for the first time, please refer to the instructions for the use of the product. Please start the machine first.Open the corresponding switch, light up the indicator to confirm the output, and then use.

6. When you take them out of the open air, please turn off the switches and turn them on when you need to use them.Otherwise, it will cause the automatic consumption of battery power.

7. When this product is unused, please take it out every three months or so to fill it up.To ensure battery life.


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